Battle of Novosibirsk
Mercenary Placeholder

The TT-125m Steel Knuckle Heavy Tank, now part of the Forth Reich of Yuri's main armed forces, running over charred wrecks of civilian vehicles

Previous Caucasus Mountains Operation
Concurrent N/A
Next Yuri's Offensive in Yekaterinburg
Conflict Kalini Crisis
Beginning April 20th 2025
End April 21st 2025
Place Novosibirsk, Russia
Outcome Reich victory

- Production of Steel Knuckles started
- Russian Resistance supply lines halted

Flag of Russia Russian Resistance Flag of Yuri Forth Reich of Yuri
- Lieutenant Zhana Agonskaya - General Mstislav Voronin
-1,500 Conscripts

-700 Rocket Fighters
-50 BTR-80 Quantum Crawlers
-20 T-83 Rhino Tanks
-30 T-90 Talisman Tanks
-3 TT-125 Apocalypse Heavy Tanks

-1,400 Conscripts

-600 Molotov Grenadiers
-32 T-60 Wolf Light Tanks
-17 T-88 Bear Tanks
Radioactive Weapons Division

-230 Desolators
-Light civilian casualties

"The instrument of doom has been born."
- Steel Knuckle tank researcher -

Battle information to be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • To be added...

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