Bank of Liberty
Company Placeholder
The Bank of Liberty, generating income for the faction
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $2500
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

Field Armoury

Banks of Liberty are the Company of Liberty's home in resource specialisations; they are capable of bringing in an income in a small amount over time, which help the Company of Liberty maintain a good income if there are no supply docks free that are free or when Oil Derricks ain't arround, no supply piles on the battlefield to hold and secure or no Oil Fields to hold for additional income.

The Bank of Liberty holds transactions for the player when they receive cash from Company of Liberty Associates, Barracks, Airfields, Weapons Facilities and other places which include financial purposes for cash and can help with a steady flow to maintain military operations on the battlefield.

Luxury Banking

The Bank of Liberty features allot of luxury computers, furniture, underground parking and also many other exclusive features for employees which help them work in a good style & excellent conditions.

Workers get a very big paycheck each week as they gather up the cash from transactions in and out of accounts for many clients and also people who have a bank account in the Bank of Liberty's system. Its Heavily Guarded Safe cannot be penetrated by hostile explosives and can only be accessed by employees and the manager of the bank.

Evacuation Protocols

If the Bank of Liberty is destroyed, the Managers UH-60 Blackhawk Helicopter can help him and many of his employees escape from the enemy; If his Blackhawk Helicopter is armed, he can strike back against his attackers and anyone trying to shoot him down, the best option is to escape with the bank manager onboard with his private escorts, but if its too hot & the helicopter gets shot down, he's more likely to die out on the battlefield.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Bank of Liberty is based on the design on the Tech Civilian Hospital Structure, with a UH-60 Helicopter on top of the bank.
  • Currently the Bank of Liberty is not modelled but coded ingame, the model of the Bank will be updated later on.