Mustang "Bandit" 2.9 TDI Scout Buggy
GLRF Bandit Buggy
A spysat photograph of the Bandit, replacing the Technicals in the GLRF
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $400
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
GLRF Bandit Icon Place of Origin Eurasia Flag of Unknown Faction
Manufacturer Mustang Off-Road Vehicles

Military Vehicle Division

Role Scout Transport

Light Anti-Infantry
Light Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- RPD Machine Guns x2

- 90mm Rifled Cannon (Salvageable)
- RPG-18 Rocket Launchers (Salvageable)
- Transport Compartment
- Off-Road Tires

"Our clan is strong"
- Bandit operator -

Taking role as a scout vehicle and small time transport, a Mustang Bandit Buggy is an alternative solution to the aging Technical that was utilised by the Global Liberation Army during the first conflict, Bandits are versatile and fast vehicles which can scope out several enemy positions and valuable technology which can be utilised by the Global Liberation Resistance, it was proposed by the faction's leader Prince Kassad.

The vehicle can acquire new weapons through Salvage Upgrading when deployed on the battlefield with rocket launchers and rifled cannons, but not intended for mainline combat against heavy armoured vehicles since their armour can be easily destroyed by heavy firepower from enemy vehicles, but despite this they are good in speed and capable of losing enemy vehicles and taking on enemy infantry and light armoured vehicles.


Chassis of the Bandit originates from Mustang Off-Road Vehicles' street legal Ratfink with Panel Transport specifications with the engine of the Nitrogen baja spec off-road racer, machine guns have been installed and can attain a set of rocket launchers with a rifled cannon when it recieves upgrades through salvaging scrap pieces from old or destroyed vehicles, despite these being old pieces of scrap being possibly weak they do come good in making some makeshift rocket launchers & rifled cannons, along with restored weapon configuration to switch between them to keep all targets whilst fighting them in check and ensuring all ammunition are in check.

More info to be added...

Upgraded Versions

To be added...


Behind the Scenes

  • The Bandit is a mixture of the Rocket Buggy and Technical, it is more reliable than the normal vehicle from the normal game, it will start out with a pair of machine guns and will allow passengers to fire out.
  • All-thou it replaces the Technical, its also a good hit & run vehicle with good scouting capabilities along with being a transport.
  • Despite being weak at the start of the game, it could be a valuable asset to the GLRF in many forms in terms of transporting soldiers and upgrading its weapons through salvage upgrading.

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