For a classic variant, see BM-21 Grad Rocket Artillery

BM-21 "Grad" Rocket Artillery
GLRF BM-21 Grad
The GLRF's local produced version of the Soviet Union's classic BM-21 Launcher
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $1600
Build at Arms Dealer
Requires Chameleon Cell
Detailed Information
GLRF BM-21 Icon Place of Origin Russia Flag of Russia
Manufacturer Classified
Role Rocket Artillery

Heavy Anti-Vehicle
Heavy Anti-Structure

In Service Active

1964-2017 (Russia)
1964-Present (Others)
2026-Present (GLRF)

- Long Range Ballistic Rockets (x20)

- High Explosive Warheads
- Radioactive Warheads
- V-8 Gasoline Engine (Restored)
- Part-worn Off-Road Tires

"Just close enough.
- BM-21 Operator -

Whilst known as one of the classic combat vehicles built by the Soviet Union after 1964, the BM-21 Grad is a multiple rocket launching artillery which was used since the Cold War.

The GLRF's version is local built, featuring more of an advancement in its technology and operation, and seen being used by the Chameleon Cell during the course of the Second Eurasian Conflict against Zenans Ozilq, the Chameleon Cell's main commanding general.

History of the BM-21


First instances of the classic rocket artillery where recorded in early development stages in 1963, which was in development during that time, once the artillery entered service with the Soviet Union and its allies the rocket artillery participated in various conflicts in the past. However during the 1960s whilst the Cold War was ongoing the rocket artillery was common during the entire conflict, it saw action in South America used by Cuba's armed forces along with the artillery being used during the Vietnam War with the North Vietnamese Military regiments barraging terrorist positions, unxpectedly some of these were also spotted being used by terrorists.

The USSR used the vehicle during the Cold War fighting against terrorist forces in Afghanistan and being used by terrorists in South America during the Civil War, the BM-21 Grad was mostly common during 1976 when dealing with the threats, co-operating with the Allied Nations in dealing with the problem.


To be added...

Current GLRF Design

To be added...

Future of the BM-21

To be added...


Satelite shots, renders and also various images of the GLRF built BM-21 have been spotted, the images on the vehicle will be present here.

Behind the Scenes

  • The BM-21 Grad is based off its real counterpart, replacing the Uragan SCUD Launcher for the Stealth General, made to fit the Generals environment but will possibly remade later on.
  • Like the SCUD Launcher, BM-21 Grad launchers will have Explosive Rockets by default, but since the GLRF now posses Radioactive weapons, Radiation Rockets will also be available to choose from.

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