Arms Dealer
GLRF Arms Dealer Icon

GLRF Arms Dealer

Supplies weapons and vehicles, Arms Dealers are the primary facilities for all vehicles in the GLRF
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $2000
Build at N/A
Requires Worker

Supply Stash

A supplier for all weapons for various needs such as war and self-defense of regions, the robust built Arms Dealer is the War Factory of the GLRF that can provide the forces with vehicles and tanks to utilise in the heat of battle. First utilized by the GLA during the First Conflict Arms Dealers provide all types of tanks and even siege vehicles for dealing with enemy forces, however unexpectedly the facility have also been spotted providing vehicles such as Technicals for various militias and private firms when it comes to self defense and also the defense of interests for private firms, despite concerns of this the facilities have also been used as second hand civilian vehicle dealerships.

Today, GLRF operated Arms Dealers can provide a steady income of $100 for every sale of fire-arm, explosive, vehicles and tanks sold to militias or to civilians, the facility have been known to build and deploy various types of ground units such as the known classic Scorpion mortar tank and the modern middle eastern built battle tank, callsigned the Puma.

Currently various numbers of these facilities have been popping up recently after 2026 just a year after the final GLA's defeat in Akmola, some were saved from destruction or demolition by civilians and had done various modifications turning them into private armouries and vehicle dealerships, however through new laws introduced by government and law enforcement agencies, also some of the facilities either gave the weapons away to police and also to government forces.


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Use by Civilians

After the defeat of the Global Liberation Army, civilians across the Middle East and also through the Asian territories acquired these older GLA operated facilities saving them from either being demolished or blown up by government forces, in exchange that they hand over any weapons left behind by the GLA civilians have confiscated or acquire a license to sell the weapons to various people. However many Arms Dealers were converted into civilian dealerships to sell vehicles including SUVs and compact vehicles, however some have sold Technicals to government and military agencies and also to many militias across the regions the facilities operate at, today some of these were attacked by the new GLRF Forces as an act of revenge and also in order to take over the regions that were liberated by America and China in the last war.


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Units Built

Primary Vehicles

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Bandit Icon Bandit Scout

When the Technical was replaced by newer and better vehicles which were not used by the GLA, Prince Kassad utilised the Bandit Scout Buggy, fast like the old Ratfink Rocket Buggy and is good at transporting allies in and out of battles.

It is equipped with a pair of machine guns which can be upgraded with scrap parts for further effective use on the battlefield, the new Bandit is one of many replacement vehicles for the Technical used by the GLRF.

GLRF Puma Icon

GLRF Puma Icon 2

Puma Battle Tank

The D-45DR Puma is the GLRF's primary battle tank, these Middle Eastern built battle tanks were made for taking on heavier threats which the tank goes up against with a 90mm rifled cannon and a grenade launcher, making the Puma MBT a threat.

Despite being a threat against any enemy tank due to having a multiple weapons and it can salvage additional cannons, grenade launchers and possibly home-made rockets making the Puma more perfect to deal with enemy forces.

GLRF Scorpion Icon Scorpion Motar Tank

Many cannon Scorpions by the Global Liberation Army were utilised during the First Eurasian Conflict as a light armoured battle tank, during time and time again which made them effective in groups.

During the time of the GLRF's fight, D-34 Scorpions were modified as light mortar tanks which can attack enemy units at far distances and can acquire itself a rocket which the GLRF can purchase for its tanks for dealing with close range threats.

The new D-34 Mortar Scorpion now requires authorisation from their commanding General to begin production.

GLRF Placeholder Marauder Landship Refitted tanks which can transport soldiers, the new marauder has the ability to transport infantry divisions accross water and they come armed with 105mm cannons and a set of rocket launchers to deal with enemy units suppressing them on beaches and other locations where Prince Kassad desires to off-load his troops, the Marauder is one of many vehicles refitted to cross the water.
GLRF Placeholder Crazy Ahmed Combat Track

These urban vehicles were utilised to kill enemy soldiers on the battlefield and they can also take on enemy units which are inside structures, they cannot target faction owned buildings or bunkers. All-thou it looses the contaminate ability to the D-53 Diablo, the new Crazy Ahmed toxin track can now shoot at longer ranges due to being refitted with several new turrets.

Unlike the GLA's old Toxin Tractor, the Crazy Ahmed can become a bunker due to new tracks replacing the tires, the vehicle can acquire a home-made rocket launcher to fight off enemy aircraft, the Crazy Ahmed is good for contaminating ground since they replaced the old Toxin Tractors.

GLRF Harbinger Icon Harbinger Anti Arcraft

The Swatter Quad Cannon was a classic, but when Prince Kassad became in charge of the new GLRF forces, the L-AA-6 Harbinger now takes place of the Swatter Quad Cannon as the primary anti-aircraft vehicle of the army.

The vehicle is more durable due to its engine and its capabilities on not just salvaging weapons but the new Harbinger platform has the capabilities of salvaging pieces of armour from destroyed vehicles unlike the L-AA-3 Swatter AA Track.

GLRF Placeholder R470 Bomb Truck

The GLRF salvaged several truck cabs of Swedish truck manufacturer Scania's R Series trucks, the GLRF used these trucks to deliver payloads of bombs to their targets when the TNT Drone is not needed much.

Unlike the TNT Drone itself, the Salvaged R470 Bomb Trucks that the GLRF uses allows the commander of the specific faction to disguise the vehicle and fit additional bombs into the back of the truck for a bigger explosion.

GLRF Placeholder OmniCity Battle Bus

The GLA utilised civilian city buses and tour buses for transporing soldiers into battle when needed, Prince Kassad's new military leadership now utilises the Scania OmniCity bus salvaged across the world and converted them into battlefield transports to replace the older buses which were used by the GLA during the first war.

Within the GLRF, these transports can salvage armour plates to allow it to survive longer on the field, they also serves as immobile bunkers after their destruction, these Battle Buses have been upgraded to transport more GLRF soldiers (10 Men).

GLRF Bucanneer Icon Buccaneer Mortar Buggy

The successor of the GLA's Ratfink Rocket Buggy, the new Buccaneer Mortar Buggy was ordered for battlefield by order of GLRF Leader Prince Kassad where they are good for battlefield use against buildings and groups of targets but they must deploy to fire their mortar cannons.

Buccaneers are unfortunately weak and must be protected in order to complete their bombardment, they can collect scrap pieces for additional mortars along with armour pieces.

GLRF Frontier Icon Frontier Rocket Track

A nimble vehicle which replaces the role of the Ratfink Rocket Buggy with a moderate armoured truck-tank style track which fires home-made rockets at enemy targets.

This vehicle is capable of detecting mines and explosives for the faction's workers and battlefield operatives to deal with without a problem, also works well as a small siege vehicle once it has access to additional home-made rocket ammunition on its turret.

GLRF Placeholder Uragan Scud Launcher

Nowadays, most of the world's finest armies utilized the best and modern siege weapons when it comes to bombardment, ballistic missiles and rocket artillery.

The 9K72 Uragan Scud Launcher was utilized by the GLA in the First Eurasian Conflict, during the GLRF's formation, the Uragan was utilized in the GLRF's siege vehicle ranks along with the Mustang Buccaneer and other artillery vehicles, making the GLRF almost an army to fear.

During some point in the GLRF's campaign, the faction acquired so many Scud Launchers from trades, from veterans of the GLA and other ways obtaining them, they will require promotion to utilise still. They now come with Tracks, also they are now harder to destroy due to modifications but unfortunately they are slower and they cost more due to the new modifications added on.

Upgrades Available

Cameo Name Description
Home Made Rockets Home Made Rockets Equips several tanks, including Puma tanks, with a rocket launcher that will launch home created rockets at hostile units within its range of attack, the rockets will cause extra damage.

Viper Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Diablo Icon Diablo APC

Replaced the Toxin Tractor with APC design during the GLA times, the D-53BF Diablo is equipped with a 90mm cannon which can shoot out Beta tipped shells and it can comtaminate areas of ground around the it.

The vehicle can poison enemy infantry which makes the job easy when fighting off platoons, with its mounted sprayers on the toxin tanks, its 90mm cannon can deal with enemy vehicles and structures when contaminating the ground.

GLRF Placeholder Admiral Sprayer Truck

Specially designed to take role of the LT-3 Crazy Ahmed since it has increased mobility, the LT-5 Admiral is based on the Russian Ural-375D truck with a turreted chemical sprayer which is covered by several chemical storage tanks on the back.

If destroyed, the chemical storage tanks on the back of the flatbed will explode which will leave a pool of hazardous toxins in the area for a small time, the truck is useful for dealing with enemy infantry and garrisons.

GLRF Desertstorm Icon Desertstorm Halftrack Artillery Stolen from SBT Inc. shipments, the Type-88HT Desertstorm is a desert themed operated version of the Napalmstorm which were on their way to China's Iron Dragon PLA offshore forces and the Company of Liberty.

The GLRF's Desertstorm half-track artillery comes armed with Miniature Biological rockets which have Beta tipped biological Anthrax inside them which can upgrade to Anthrax Gamma which will add an extra pinch to the explosion, if at any point the half track is destroyed it leaves a small pool of Anthrax behind.

Scorpion Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Prowler Light Tank

The latest armament recently developed by Juhziz' top researchers and builders, the new Prowler Light Tank is a wheeled armoured combat vehicle baring the resemblence other vehicles such as the FV721 Fox and the FV601 Saladin featuring the same configuration.

In battle, the Prowler Light Tank despite being classed as a light armoured scout unit is capable of dealing with enemy units in numbers, it is equipped with a 75mm Light Cannon for going against other light vehicles and a machine gun to deal with enemy infantry at close range.

GLRF Wrecker Icon Wrecker Anti-Air Tank

Replacing the new L-AA-6 Harbinger with this APC Style anti-aircraft tank, it is armed with a set of Stingers, D-42TM Wreckers are slow unlike the Harbinger but it can take a beating from enemy vehicles but abit resistant to enemy bullets thanks to bolt-on armour.

All-thou its operators focuses its primary functions on enemy aircraft, it can destroy enemy Vehicles.

GLRF Deployer Minelayer Icon Deployer Mine Layer

Moderate armoured vehicles which deploy mines in an area. The Mine Layer is based on the old Marauder Tank design, which has been built to deploy a hidden set of explosives in an area of the Rodall Juhziz's desired location.

These types of traps include Demo Traps, Mine Fields and Decoy Missiles which appear to have landed in the ground and did not explode, the D-43MR Deployer is unfortunately slow and don't show armed on the battlefield.

GLRF Venom Icon Venom Heavy Howitzer

One of the world's heavy armoured wheeled artillery, the Venom is currently utilized as a main artillery of General Juhziz's forces.

The G6 Venom is an armoured vehicle that has been known to be seeing action in Africa against the UFA and Company forces in a campaign to take the continent, these versions are known to pack a high-explosive punch.

GLRF Maus Icon Maus Super Heavy Tank

The classic tank built from World War II, the Panzer VIII Maus tank was the first of many super tanks to be built in the history first stated back to 1943, it is a large tank that can crush enemy vehicles and is the first tank to be equipped with two tank cannons.

Capable of attacking heavy and light vehicles, with a light cannon to deal with lighter threats which can be crushed at anytime but along with that the Maus is equipped with a heavier tank cannon to take on larger tanks and heavier vehicles, along with its extensive on the field it can also salvage armour pieces from destroyed vehicles.

Chameleon Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Hammer Tank Icon Hammer Medium Tank

Salvaged Tanks from Russia. The old T-34 Hammer Tank was utilised with D-34A Scorpions and D-45DR Puma MBT battle tanks utilized by Rodall Juhziz and Osuma Deathstrike.

Although the Hammer are not better in battle with enemy vehicles head-on, the Hammer Tank works well with T-72 Devil Tanks and causing trouble with anyone who is against Zenans Ozilq when the Hammer tank has the Home-Made Rocket Upgrade, the tank is also good in protecting home bases.

GLRF Devil Icon Devil Battle Tank

Salvaged tanks from Russia which were utilised to use as the GLRF's battle tank to assist the GLRF in their war against the USA and the Chinese. The T-72 Devil is medium armoured and comes with a 105mm Cannon for combat against vehicles and a fitted 50.Caliber Machine Gun for defensive measures.

The Devil battle tank can also salvage pieces of scrap pieces to help improve the tank's firepower and armour so it can survive in harsh conditions, Zenans Ozilq was impressed with the T-72 during her childhood so she utilized these tanks instead of Puma Tanks due to their durability.

GLRF Ghost SUV Icon Ghost Combat SUV

Based on the civilian Mustang Blur SUV, the Mustang Ghost is a military variant which serves as an advanced technical for fighting off the enemy in dangerous situations and scouting missions.

Nowadays the Ghost can mostly be found off-road racing when not on duty and hunting down enemy infantry, the SUV is durable and is also a medium-weight alternate unit due to its weapons and handling compared to the Bandit Buggy.

GLRF BM-21 Icon BM-21 Rocket Artillery

A Light Armoured siege vehicle utlised for artillery purposes to replace the Uragan Scud Launcher for General Ozilq. This Russian Rocket Launcher was salvaged to use for combating the enemy from long range.

With the BM-21 Grad in Ozilq's hands, she can equip the rockets with a set of high explosives or she can equip special ABC classed dirty radioactive rockets which is an alternate solution to biological warheads utilised by both Desertstorm MLRS and the Uragan Scud Launcher.

Cobra Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Speeder Icon Speeder Interceptor

Can serve as a suicide vehicle, attack unit or recon for many types of jobs, this speedy vehicle is the good deal for any specific duty on the battlefield.

It can switch riders for combat purposes which can also allow drivers to utilise their weapons in their combat duty, this can give opportunities for attacking more than Combat Cycles.

GLRF Placeholder Marauder Anti-Air Tank

Replacing the Harbinger in Asliraf's forces, this unknown version of the Marauder was developed by the Middle East.

It was going to be an armoured anti-aircraft counterpart of the original tank, but didn't see much action in several countries across the world but until the Second Eurasian Conflict, where this version of the Marauder saw much action.

GLRF Placeholder Sheridan Light Tank

First built in 1969 by the United States, the M551 Sheridan is a light armoured tank which was utilised during the liberation of Vietnam, organised by the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union during the Cold War.

These old tanks were found in service by Asliraf Masori's Terror forces, it is stronger than Scorpion tanks since they are equipped with a rifled gun and missiles.

GLRF Placeholder Tarantula Battle Tank

Whilst being used as a main battle tank for the Cobra Cell's terror operations when taking on targets, T-62 Tarantula tamlss replace the Puma due to its heavier rifled cannon and a set of unguided chemical grenade launchers.

During battles, the tank can obtain a home-made rocket like other battle tanks utilised by the GLRF for extra damage, adding extra firepower to the tank to make it an effective anti-vehicle tank for all Tier-2 combat.

GLRF Placeholder Stinger Battle Tank

Battle tanks built by France during the 1980s, these tanks were known be in combat service with various military units such as forces in Chile, Venezuela and most parts in Europe.

They have seen combat during the Gulf War whilst fighting along side with the M1 Abrams, AMX-30 Stingers are equipped with a 105mm cannon as a primary anti-vehicle weapon whilst it also has a 20mm automatic cannon to deal with lighter threats.

GLRF Placeholder Mauler Super Heavy Tank To be added...

Armadillo Cell Exclusives

Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Beaver Recon Vehicle

The BRDM-2 Beaver is a light vehicle from the Soviet-era, they replace the Technical for Solimaan as his basic armoured car.

Equipped with a light machine gun as default against infantry, the vehicle can be upgraded with a Missile Launcher to deal with the light vehicles and also aircraft, Beavers are amphibious which can allow it to cross the rivers but not used much.

GLRF Placeholder Drake Battle Tank

These old tanks are the Solimaan's workhorses despite being old and outdated, the T-80 Drake can take a real fight to modern battle tanks against China or the USA.

Armed with a 125mm smoothbore and coaxial 7.62 MG, the Drake is a fearsome opponent which can deal great damage to enemy vehicles and structures while mowing down enemy infantry bold enough to come too close.

There were some Drakes spotted with turret-mounted missiles, possibly a next generation of bolt-on rockets.

GLRF Placeholder Shilka Anti Air Tank This famous Soviet anti-air weapon serves well in Solimaan's army, taking down all aerial threats with its 4 rapid-fire guns.

During battle, the ZSU-23-4 Shilkas are common with T-80 Drake since they have the same speed and can guarantee the maximum protection against F-22 Raptors and A-10 Thunderbolts of the United States or the Iron Dragon PLA's J-10 Annihilators.

Behind the Scenes

  • Basically the War Factory of the Global Liberation Resistance, Arms Dealers are the primary vehicle construction facilities that can deploy all types of vehicles to utilise for battle and to support any allies on the battlefield.
  • The facility won't build Radar Vans and Motorcycles anymore, the Radar Van will now be built at Command Centers with the motorcycles being built at the Barracks under new Protocols introduced by Prince Kassad.

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