Armadillo Cell
GLRF Placeholder
The symbol of the Armadillo Cell
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Leaders Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan
Headquarters Saudi Arabia Flag of Saudi Arabia Small

Location Unknown

Specialization Armoured Assault
Status Active

One of the newest Splinter Cells currently operating with the GLRF, the Armadillo Cell is made off of experienced and professional personnel army with trained infantry and non-salvaged original-made but obsolete, armored vehicles, along with Soviet-era helicopters and aircraft.

The whole army of the Armadillo Cell is led by the Arabian warlord, Sheik Ibrahiim Omar Solimaan, who joined the GLRF after the United States, Eurasia and China announced their decision to significantly decrease use of oil reserves for their military and civilian needs. Solimaan, wealthy and influential warlord in Saudi Arabia, realised that the stop of the oil use will result in the significant drop of the oil's cost and his wealth will lose its primary income, something what was unacceptable.

Salvage upgrades will still have a presence on vehicles, but the additional armour and weapons are of military grade, making Solimaan's units are stronger than the average GLRF units overall, but also more expensive.

Signature Units of the Armadillo Cell

Operating within Solimaan's White Guard Forces, the Armadillo Cell has various units such as Hinds which were purchased and acquired from the Soviet Union before their breakup; Sheik Solimaan's regiments have been well trained and their fight to the death against their aggressors.


Cameo Name Description
GLRF Guardsman Cell Guardsman RPD Rebels transformed into Cell Guard regiment units by Solimaan's training and donation of newest weapons, there have been sightings of Cell Guardsmen leading rebels into battle against his enemies. These well-experienced soldiers are more accurate and double their ammunition rate, doing more damage than standard RPD Rebels do and their anti-aircraft capabilities have also improved.
GLRF White Guardsman White Guardsman

Upgrades of Cell Guardsmen.

The ultimate rank of the Cell Guardsman, the rare but better equipped White Guardsmen which currently have specially designed ceremonial uniform and better equipment.

GLRF Placeholder Bazzoker Trooper Equipped with modified Rocket Launchers, Bazzoker Troopers can launch 2-4 rockets at a time if required to hold down an area for expansion of the GLRF. They first start off launching 2 rockets at a time, and when they desire to face off with more enemies, they can launch 4 more rockets with additional ease onto their enemies. Another feature which makes them more capable at their anti-armour job is that they wear thick kevlar coats which gives them better protection against all kinds of attacks, but makes them slower. They are a valuable asset to Solimaan.


Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Beaver Recon Vehicle The Beaver is a light vehicle from the Soviet-era, they replace the Technical for Solimaan as his basic armoured car. Equipped with a light machine gun as default against infantry, the vehicle can be upgraded with a Missile Launcher to deal with the light vehicles and also aircraft, BRDM-2 Beavers have amphibious capabilities, but not used much.
GLRF Placeholder Drake Battle Tank These old tanks are the Solimaan's workhorses. Despite being outdated, the Drake can take a real fight to modern battle tanks of China or USA. Armed with 125mm Smoothbore and Coaxial 7.62 MG, the T-80 Drake is a fearsome opponent which can deal great damage to enemy vehicles and structures while mowing down enemy infantry bold enough to come too close. There were some Drakes spotted with turret-mounted missiles, possibly a next generation of bolt-on rockets.
GLRF Placeholder Shilka Anti Air Tank This famous Soviet anti-air weapon serves well in Solimaan's army, taking down all aerial threats with its 4 rapid-fire guns. The ZSU-23-4 Shilkas are common with Drake Tanks since they have equal speed to guarantee the maximum protection against those pesky Raptors and Thunderbolts of the United States or the Iron Dragon PLA's Annihilators.


Cameo Name Description
GLRF Placeholder Hind Attack Helicopter Old but still a powerful helicopter, the classic Mi-24D Hind-D has been around for Solimaan's airborne support to assist ground units by bombarding the area with barrage of AT-missiles and transporting infantry. His Hind helicopters are bought directly from post-Soviet states in Eastern Europe rather than salvaged, they are expensive but they are good for taking on enemy forces on the ground and air with a minigun, rocket pods and Anti-Air Missiles.
GLRF Placeholder Flanker Interceptor Fighters built to last, equipped with Heat-Seaking Missiles and a small Autocannon to take on their enemies. Sheik Solimaan utilized Su-27 Flankers to support his ground battalions units from the air The Flankers were recently improved for airborne dynamics whilst several others in reserve are currently under restoration, the Su-27 Flankers are still flying around Saudi Arabia protecting their leader. However, it is unknown how Solimaan got his hands on these fighters.
GLRF Placeholder Fishbed Close Support Bomber Sheik Solimaan isn't a fool, and knows that this aircraft isn't armoured but yet it is fast, so the MiG-21 Fishbed works as Solimaan's personal close range support bomber with a single-barrel autocannon for strafing enemies whilst going fast, sometimes eluding enemy missiles and anti-aircraft vehicles is also good for the pilots. Sheik Solimaan utilised these fast aircraft to strafe and bomb targets given to the pilots via co-ordinates from main command.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Armadillo Cell is a new Splinter Cell like the Chameleon, Cobra and Scorpion Cells.
  • However, this Splinter Cell currently stands as the first cell to cover the old ones. It also has the Anaconda and the Viper Cell

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