UltraTech-A3 "Armadillo" Armoured Scout
Eurasian Armadillo Scout
The Armadillo, a newer version of the classic EE-9 Cascavel, joint built by Brazil and Eurasia
Faction Eurasian Commonwealth
Cost $600
Build at Battlements Warehouse
Requires N/A
Detailed Information
Eurasia Placeholder Place of Origin South America Flag of Brazil Small

Europe Flag of Europe Small

Manufacturer Tekan Combat Systems - Brazil

Ultra-Tech Battle Machines - Europe

Role Amphibious Scout


In Service Active
- 37mm Automatic Cannon

- 12.7mm Anti-Air Machine Gun
- 12mm Steel Armour Plates
- Three-Man Crew
- Enhanced Day & Night Optics /w Laser Rangefinder

"Taking position now"
- Armadillo operator -

First developed in 1970s during the Cold War, the Armadillo scout was an import success for Engesa. There were several variants of the Armadillo which was back then was known as the Cascavel, aka the Rattlesnake which was used by various countries and fighting in several conflicts, the last conflict the EE-9 seen was the Libyan Civil Uprising before Tekan's UltraTech division introduced the UltraTech-A3 Armadillo, a newer version of the Cascavel introduced into factions operating the EE-9 variant in 2013.


Being an operational version of the Engesa EE-9 Cascavel, the UltraTech-A3 Armadillo is a modernised version of the classic vehicle built in Europe, but also built in South America by Brazilian combat and utility vehicle supplier Tekan-Combat Systems for use in several countries involved the South American Civil War fighting several GLRF terror cells and uprisings. Along with some modern equipment, better weapons and capabilities that can help it last longer, the Armadillo also have been tested for amphibious capabilities that can also challenge newer vehicles and transporting infantry units working with the Eurasian Commonwealth's Security Network over water to the field of battle.

Combat Service

To be added...

First Eurasian Conflict

See First Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

Second Eurasian Conflict

See Second Eurasian Conflict

To be added...

South American Civil War

See South American Civil War

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Armadillo is based off the Brazillian EE-9 Cascavel (Rattlesnake), an armoured car still being used by various countries to this day.
  • This version of the EE-9 is modernised for combat, used by the Eurasian Commonwealth.
  • Its automatic cannon can do some decent damage against enemy vehicles and infantry at the same time but must reload after 20 shots, the Armadillo is also equipped with small anti-air protection.

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