Anti-Aircraft Defense Site
GLRF AA Site Icon

GLRF Anti-Aircraft Site

A sketch of the Anti-Aircraft Site utilised by the GLRF
Faction Global Liberation Resistance
Cost $700
Build at N/A
Requires Worker


Following simple steps in base defense construction in defending regions across the world, Prince Kassad taken steps into considerations a series of anti-air base defenses during the GLRF's Overhaul to re-haul the military structure to his finding, this basic defensive site will take on any fighter planes or helicopters found within their range. Anti-Aircraft Defense Sites are known to be stationary Harbinger Quad Cannon turrets which were known to be basically armoured with a small stash of ammunition for re-arming the turret if the ammunition is depleted, whilst they can detect enemy units usually hidden on the ground or in the air.

Anti-Aircraft Sites are known to replace the Stinger Sites whilst Mortar Sites are built to serve anti-ground defensive purposes, these buildings are maintained during deployment and are oiled to ensure they are operational during a conflict or during a small series of wars.

Over time there are some anti-aircraft sites which are equipped with missile launchers along with enhanced sights during a possible firefight, the machine guns can bypass laser defenses on enemy aircraft and vehicles which could be useful if missiles cannot bypass these newer types of technology utilised by the western states, some of these include America.


Utilising basic weapons for attacking enemy units, they also utilise Camouflage Netting to hide these structures from enemy sights, but these are known to be hidden enemy eyes but once the is a threat coming into their view they can unveil these sites and fire upon those who are coming in close to bases which have these structures deployed within their area.

During a night-time mission they can use bright lamps on the turret whilst aiming to brighten up targets which can be useful to help other nearby anti-aircraft units to engage the threats found by the lights installed on the turret of the site.

Missile Sites

In the basic design of the Anti-Aircraft Sites, there have been a series of missile equipped sites which are usually rare on the battlefield, these are good for dealing with helicopters if fixed wing aircraft are not a priority. The sites are almost similar to the machine gun equipped sites, the Missile Sites are equipped with a series of rocket pods but within haste of building they were built with pieces of scrap and were mostly defective but working, all-thou they have potential of taking on enemy aircraft within their range.

Stealth Detection

To be added...

Behind the Scenes

  • The Anti-Aircraft is based around the GLA Stinger Site but will have that makeshift style such as the turret usually similar to the style the Global Liberation Army utilised during the events of C&C Generals.
  • Missile Sites are also going to be included in the Anti-Aircraft styles but will be an additional style for the construction options for the base defense.

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