Anti-Aircraft Gauss Emplacement
Company AA Turret
An anti-aircraft defensive Gauss Emplacement keeps watch on the sky
Faction Company of Liberty
Cost $1000
Build at N/A
Requires Landsweeper

Radar Center

The Anti-Air Emplacement, unlike all Anti-Ground is specially designed to combat threats from the airborne perspective, these structures have specially designed Anti-Air Gauss Cannons which will do good work against airborne fighters, helicopters and cargo planes that come close to bases which have Anti-Aircraft Gauss Emplacements.

They can be used against ground forces but unfortunately they are restricted to use against Helicopters and Planes, the high-powered Gauss Cannons can cut through hostiles within a matter of seconds. The Emplacement starts at twin-barrel & can gain a quad-barrel status with the Extra Barrels Upgrade.

Design and Operation

The Turret's design is based on a retro design with some touches to it such as IR Sights, Night Vision, New and improved designed Tracking Equipment which can track aircraft from a distance and a stealth detector for detecting Camouflaged Aircraft and also detecting Camouflaged Ground units for ground defenses to take out if the AA Emplacements are next to Pillboxes, Gun Turrets or Inferno Defense Artillery Emplacements.

Past designs for the Anti-Aircraft Emplacements were prefered, mostly futuristic looking versions of the emplacements in concept designs and artists impressions were taken into consideration, but due to one design which was retro styled, the Company decided to use that design which was inspired from World War II or even from the Vietnam War.


All-thou the Turret is good when it comes taking on aircraft, it is the Company's Second Expensive Base Defensive structure, whilst on the battlefield; it can become more useful when it acquires the Extra Barrels it can utilise for better attacking purposes, allowing it to take out aircraft twice as fast than using double barrelled varients, since its Gauss Cannons can do alot more damage than standard anti-air base defensive buildings. Since it has a set of heavy and handy Gauss Cannons instead of Machine Guns, they will bring down aircraft in a matter of seconds.

Upgradable Status

Company AA Turret Quad Barrel

An Anti-Aircraft Gauss Emplacement utilising Quad Barrel Gauss Cannon configurations

The AA Emplacement once it has been upgraded with the Extra Turret Barrels upgrade after purchased from the Field Armoury, once its new configuration has been acquired from Company Command.

In its upgraded state, several operatives can see that the Gauss Emplacement with four cannons can become a bigger threat to aircraft all-thou the commanders of the Company of Liberty can sometimes test the capabilities of the AA Emplacement's gauss cannons can attack enemy vehicles on the ground.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Company Anti-Air Emplacement, like all other Anti-Air Defensive Structures, has Anti-Air capabilities and also uses another example of Gauss Cannons for Anti-Air Capabilities.
  • Its design has been inspired by the Allied Nations AA Gun from Red Alert 1, with additional touches.

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