Allied Nations
Allied Nations Logo
The emblem of the Allied Nations that was used during the First Cold War
Formation 26 June 1945

New York City - United States Flag of USA Small

Faction Color Cyan
Allies Soviet Union
Enemies Bureau of Global Liberation
Type of Faction Intergovernmental Military Alliance
Leaders Franklin Ackerman
Officers Unknown
Special Weapons Unknown
Strategies Unknown
Strengths Unknown
Weaknesses Unknown
Status Not Started

Will be in Red Alert 3

Not to be confused with the Modern Day Allies

Established after the League of Nations was disbanded, the worldwide operated Allied Nations is a military alliance that was involved in the First Cold War that had an uneasy partnership with the Soviet Union after Cuba, Germany and a Soviet member state was attacked by a terrorist organisation that also overthrown an important figure in Cuba. Currently the Allied Nations has various nations in Europe and across the world working inside the organisation including Germany, America, the United Kingdom along with Japan as key members.

Currently operated by former US President Franklin Ackerman and is also operating in various states with its members, the Allied Nations has several embassies inside Europe along with in Asia & the Middle East, also despite having an uneasy partnership with the Soviet Union the organisation does allow high ranking figures from various Soviet states to take part in talks. Currently both sides have been talking about the large Cuban based terrorist organisation, the Bureau of Global Liberation. During the first days of the First Cold War terrorists killed former German President Adolf Himmler who saved his country from a hostile terrorist based takeover during World War II, despite stepping down from power after 14 years.


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The First Cold War

See First Cold War

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Korean War

See Korean War

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First Vietnam War

See First Vietnam War

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Primary Member Nations

Currently, as of the Cold War is going on with various battles going on across the world including Europe and in Asian regions four primary members were enlisted into the organisation with the United States being the primary member with Germany & the UK being the Allied Nations' primary European organisations with offices in the capital cities, Japan still ruled by Emperor Misora was enlisted as the organisation's primary Asian base of operation since it has been known for working with Germany, the UK & America during harsh times of World War II.

Flag of USA Small United States Flag of USA Small

Being a powerhouse of the Allied Nations, the United States has a primary headquarters in New York City where ambassadors & VIPs of all member nations can meet up in person & discuss the situations at hand, in the United States they provided such valuable units including the M1 Abrams tank, the Apache & even Blackhawk helicopters to the nations' main military inventory.

Flag of UK Small United Kingdom Flag of UK Small

A secondary powerhouse training specialist snipers & providing the Allied Nations with the world's first combat VTOL, the United Kingdom is equipped with more advanced units than what they used during the harsh times of World War II, the UK can specialise the AN's lineup with the finest built FV4030 Challenger I, FV101 Scorpion and FV 214 Conqueror tanks. They also provided Hawker Siddley Harriers for use in combat when it comes to multi-role combat with interceptor & fighter roles.

Flag of Germany Small Germany Flag of Germany Small

First known for their success of the Panzer VIII Maus from World War II still in active service, the people of Germany has been working on their own mix of vehicles, infantry regiments & also their own aircraft for use in combat if war does break out. Their lineups include elite commando infantry forces, Leopard I battle tanks for heavy combat, the Flakpanzer Gepard variant of the Leopard, the Marder I IFV along with the Dornier Alpha Jet fighter along with many other types used during the entire war.

Flag of Japan Small Japan Flag of Japan Small

Surviving the times of World War II, Japan has been developing their own types of tanks to use in combat if battles or anything of the similar breaks out inside the country or inside Asia, their lineups of infantry, vehicles & aircraft ranging from combat to support. Their infantry consists of units such as Imperial Warriors for the defense of Japan's territories, vehicles include the Type 61 MBT along with tye Type 74 Nana-yon heavier battle tank for dealing with enemy forces, aircraft include the Kawasaki C-1 cargo plane along with a licensed built F-15J Eagle.

Other Member Nations

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Flag of Canada Small Canada Flag of Canada Small

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Flag of France Small France Flag of France Small

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Flag of Italy Small Italy Flag of Italy Small

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Flag of Spain Small Spain Flag of Spain Small

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Primary Structures

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Construction Yard

The primary structure used by Allied forces in the field used for building structures & field command, Construction Yards serve as the tools of the trade capable of assembling structures and using various battlefield protocols for support & defense.

Being advanced, the Allied Nations' built Construction Yard is known for getting the materials together and shipped out to any site or Allied operated base without further trouble, it is also the faction's key tool once battlefield protocols have been granted.

Mercenary Placeholder Power Plant

Provides power to all Allied Nations' bases across the world, also small & very quick to build, Allied operated Power Plants serve as the workhorse to keep base defenses running and any powered structure operating at all times.

Until being surpassed by Advanced Power Plants, the smaller station can be useful if commanders are at a budget since they do not take up too much space, also unlike their advanced and larger counterparts they do not produce much power but at the same time the Power Plant is cost effective & quick to build.

Mercenary Placeholder Advanced Power Plant

An advanced and more bigger power provider, this innovation of power came to life after it proved to be more powerful than its smaller cousin, the Advanced Power Plant is one of the Allies' best tools capable of providing twice as much power.

Despite being bigger, it does have some flaws, the structure is a target for power outages due attacks on against Allied Nations operated bases or infiltration by spies, these can be countered by patrols or upgrading the structure's primary buidling frame allowing it to substain more damage.

Mercenary Placeholder Boot Camp

Used to recruit all types of infantry onto the frontlines, mainly to keep the peace and primary influence of the Allied Nations going strong, the Boot Camp is the place for all infantry for all roles depending on if they are called for combat or support.

All member nations will have access to their own unique lineup of infantry from the Boot Camp, ranging from basic infantry to the higher and more powerful elite infantry to Commando forces for better combat capabilities for more dangerous operations.

Mercenary Placeholder Ore Refinery

Supplies during World War II were mainly secured by member nations but mainly going rebuilding nations, Ore Refineries are primary resource structures used by the workforces of the Allied Nations to fund all combat & peacekeeper activities.

Ore is mainly found across battlefields since supplies are only used for growth and also ensuring nations are fully rebuilt back to their former glory, once the Refinery is built it'll can build and also send out Ore Harvesters to gather up ore for use and to fund all military activity.

Mercenary Placeholder Armor Facility

Builds all ground vehicles for the Allied Nations depending on which nation is deployed, Armor Facilities can build tanks and support vehicles to serve the armed forces in order to keep any threats at bay, lineups depend on country.

Using the similar layouts of the Weapons Facility from the past war with a more modern appearence, the structure comes with more advanced equipment & the layout is easy for employees & workers to move about without trouble, vehicles built by these facilities can be deployed at a good pace for better defense.

Mercenary Placeholder Radar Outpost

Successors to the classic Radar Dome from World War II with a more compact design, the new Radar Outpost despite being small is equipped with a small structure with all standard issue radar equipment along with satellites for field cover.

Being a successor, Radar Outposts is capable of providing the commanders of the Allied Nations with field cover, field cover for observation to keep things going and also revealing a specific region for locating valuable resources & enemy units.

Mercenary Placeholder Airfield

Good for airforces, allowing them to refuel and re-arm if at times if they get damaged or finish their runs, Airfields serve as the hub for fighter planes, interceptors & bombers and is known for ensuring that aircraft from the airfield are fully set for combat.

For all types of roles depending on bombers, primary fighters or interceptor aircraft, Airfields are fully equipped with hangars with fueling stations & munitions storage for all services that a pilot can utilise anytime if they require repairs, fuel or munitions.

Mercenary Placeholder Helipad

Holds access to helicopters inside the organisation but small & also very maintainable, Helipads serve as the Allied Nations' primary port for maintenance for all rotor aircraft depending on which country is deployed into combat.

Right now, primary countries have access to the Helipad with along with their own loadout of aircraft depending on several situations that could be useful for, other member countries such as France & Italy have also access to the Helipad for their own helicopters for combat & support.

Mercenary Placeholder Battle Labs To be added...

Base Defenses

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Combat Foxhole Equipped with mainly a machine gun, but can blend into the terrain making it good to catch enemy forces off-guard, Combat Foxholes serve as an anti-infantry & light vehicle base defenses that can be assembled in a small amount of time, it is also cheap to build and is equipped with barbed wire & sandbags for extra defence.
Mercenary Placeholder Romero Gun Turret Primary anti-vehicle defensive emplacements, Romero Turrets are heavy armoured combat defenses that can destroy units in a small matter of seconds if build in sets that can form the primary defensive lines for bases, making it good for dealing with early attacks that may occur during missions.
Mercenary Placeholder Patriot Missile System Good for dealing with fixed wing aircraft, helicopters & other types of airborne targets, Patriot Systems serve as the Allie's anti-aircraft for all anti-air cover that can protect vital bases & outposts from any threats. Patriot systems can be upgraded anytime to co-ordinate defensive moves between other emplacements.
Mercenary Placeholder Blazer Howitzer System Ideal for long range attacks, the Blazer Howitzer System is a built in stationary defensive artillery that can attack any enemy units from a long range, its damage can leave a crater that can be deadly if its shells hit targets via manual command. If desired the emplacement can use heavy armour plates protecting it from airstrikes.


Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Defense Superweapon Unknown To be added...
Mercenary Placeholder Offense Superweapon Unknown To be added...


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Battlefield Protocols

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Offensive Protocols

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Defensive Protocols

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Support Protocols

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