Allied Nations
Allied Nations Logo
The current emblem used by the Allied Nations
Formation 26 June 1945

New York City, North America Flag of USA Small

Faction Color Cyan
Type of Faction International Security Organisation
Leaders Garreth Johnson
Officers Frank Winston

Reno Jackson

Special Weapons None
Strategies Support Combat
Strengths Advanced Infantry

Amphibious Tanks

Weaknesses Several Expensive Units

HQ Defenses Require Power

Status Ingame

50% of Units Ingame

Not to be confused with the Allies during the Cold War

The Allied Nations or AN for short, is a military based peacekeeper organisation joined together at the end of the Global Front of Liberation's defeat in World War II. The organisation was brought together by Germany, Britain, America and the Soviet Union to succeed the legendary League of Nations after the war, the Allied Nation's objective is to secure peace into the world and provide protection against those who are vunerable.

Allied Nations forces have been involved in various conflicts related to securing the world from terrorism, war torn territories and securing vital countries from terrorist control, the AN's main task forces played a vital role during the Cold War against a terrorist threat causing trouble against the Soviet Union, afterwards the Soviet Union peacefully disbanded into various successors. Their response to the First Eurasian Conflict seen casualties on both sides going dire, due to losses of American and Chinese joint forces against the Global Liberation Army.

Currently small pockets of Allied Nations forces are active in several parts of the world, supporting factions in their war against terrorism, due to rising pressure on AN Peacekeepers and massive losses on regiments during the current courses of the Second Eurasian Conflict, the South American Civil War and the Kalini Crisis, Allied forces announced the founding of the Company of Liberty, their world-wide multi racial task forces capable of dealing with various problems. Recieving support from China and America, Company forces have an advantage of world-wide peacekeeping, they also ensure that regiments operating in various environments are matched.

Infantry Regiments

In the Allied Nations, three types of operatives are employed to take on the role of keeping the peace in their role to combat global terror and dealing with other types of problems, Skill and training is useful at times whilst they are on the battlefield, All-thou less infantry recruitment options are avaliable for the AN's forces since their limited presence whilst Company of Liberty Forces is dealing with problems and ensuring peace is kept in mind.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Peacekeeper Main frontline troopers of the Allied Nations, equipped with riot gear and equipped with a shotgun and assault rifle similar to Rookies in the Company of Liberty, Peacekeepers can lay down a small location and clean out close calls with its Dragons Breath rounds.
Mercenary Placeholder Javelin Trooper Anti-Vehicle and Anti-Air personnel enlisted to protect infantry and vehicles operated by the Allies. Whilst being known to equip heat-seeking rockets in his launcher, he also comes equipped with EMP Rockets which prove useful against ground vehicles.
Mercenary Placeholder Field Medic Recieving similar Training to the OAT/Company medic, but going equipped with an Assault Rifle. He can heal infantry around him in a Field Tent, he must deploy to begin any important medical procedures to his comrades in arms, he is equipped with a small machine pistol for self defense.
Mercenary Placeholder Justifier Equipped with an M40A5 Sniper Rifle, Justifiers are expert operatives which can rappel down from transport helicopters into buildings, they are the experts for the Allied Nations and known to be one of best operatives in the faction sometimes outmatching the Company of Liberty's Phoenix Snipers.

Ground Vehicles

The Company of Liberty since their founding, the Allied Nations whilst keeping a close eye on Company forces and seeing what progress the faction have made during conflicts and world wars, they have a big battle force when dealing with terrorist forces but the AN's ground forces do have a good use of equipment for its main combat unit whilst assisting its allies.

Cameo Name Description
AN Humvee Icon "Humvee" Scout The main scout vehicle in the Allied Nations, equipped with a small machine gun for dealing with enemy units on the battlefield, Allied versions of the Humvee don't have a TOW launcher unlike the USA's version of the Humvee since the last conflict thanks to Kanto and Dragoon tanks.
AN POW Truck Icon "Bronco" Transport Truck Unarmed, but is capable of transport 8 infantry to battle, Bronco trucks have been commissioned to help out Allied forces to transport soldiers, prisoners and VIPs to various areas, the truck is armoured and is good with Fireports which can allow passengers to shoot out for safety.
Mercenary Placeholder "Dragoon" Tank Developed in China, the Dragoon is currently one of the heavy tanks developed in China but currently being replaced by the Type-M4Z Kanto tank since its design is capable of amphibious, Dragoons still in service have thick armour and heavy firepower.
AN Brawlmaster Icon "Brawlmaster" Tank Medium armoured tanks, the predecessor of the more modern and heavy armoured Type-99 Dragoon, the classic but widely used Type-55 Brawlmaster tank is known for its history with many of the world's Asian and Middle Eastern armies, lucky it can still take on still tanks with its 105mm cannon.
Mercenary Placeholder "Murcielago" Hover Tank First concept drawn in 2014 in Europe, the Murcielago is equipped with a set of dynamic hovering mechanisms, iequipped with a set of rocket launchers and machine guns, good at dealing with enemy aircraft threats.
Mercenary Placeholder "Kanto" Hover Battle Tank Developed as a project built in Japan as a variant for the American M4A2 Grizzly tank, the Kanto is designed to traverse on land and on water, this tank is equipped with an auto-reloading tank gun and a target designator.
Mercenary Placeholder "Goliath" Heavy Howitzer Classic USA built howitzers rebuilt by Evans Military Tank and Vehicle Inc. for export to various countries, the new Goliath is currently utilised by the Allied Nations with extensive use of updated technology & armour modernises the old vehicle like various others.


Whilst using helicopters, planes and transports built in the United States, the Allied Nations do have a good set of equipment within their fleet to take on various roles for combat, bombing and transport tasks, their even have a VTOL aircraft built by Boeing but licenced by Eurocopter and NHIndustries in Europe,

Planes and Bombers

Cameo Name Description
AN Raptor Icon "Raptor" Fighter Main fighters being used for air superiority, Raptor fighters whilst in active AN Air Forces, comes with stealth capabilities and equipped with missiles, the Raptor can only reveal themselves when attacking.
AN Aurora Icon "Aurora" Bomber Main personnel bombers being used to quickly destroy enemy positions and groups of hostile forces when they are lucky, the Aurora in the AN's forces can go supersonic whilst attacking enemy units on the ground, but their engines will cool down afterwards, causing them to go 50% slow than their usual speed.
Mercenary Placeholder "Apache" Gunship Main attack helicopter, utilising a chain gun along with rocket pods like the Company versions, AN Apache gunships serve as main ground support along with the Raptor fighters, the helicopters come with Rocket Pods by default.
Mercenary Placeholder "Roamer" Transport VTOL Built in America by Boeing, licensed by Eurocopter and HLIndustries to build, Roamer transports are the Allied Nations' personal heavy transport unit capable of flying infantry and vehicles into battle.


The Allied Nations are equipped with a good set of units, but sometimes needs to split things up to ensure that production for all units including ground forces and aircraft are utilised in seperate buildings. A set of defensive buildings can be randomly avaliable for each map during the course of wars, random defense structures can be activated and used when a Nations HQ is captured.

Cameo Name Description
Mercenary Placeholder Nations Headquarters Key buildings holding main Allied Nations intelligence and even holds main protocols for infantry and vehicle deployment, the Nations HQ also come with a radar tower for seeing the battlefield when looking for enemy forces. AN forces can use the HQ buildings to dispatch infantry regiments and vehicle battalions to key locations across the world, they are usually spotted surrounded by concrete fences and defensive buildings.
Mercenary Placeholder Nations Airforce Base Split from the HQ Buildings, the Nations Airforce Base is the base for all aircraft and helicopters for combat deployment, the staff at the airforce basecan tend to two planes at a time for reloading and repairs, they also use the base to deploy UH-86 Roamers and AH-64 Apaches.
Mercenary Placeholder Defensive Emplacement Equipped with Rocket Launchers and Machine Guns for multiple purposes for taking on enemy units from all sides, these are known for holding soldiers along with defending important Allied Nations bases across the world with Point Defense Lasers to help out.
Mercenary Placeholder Point Defense Laser Stops missiles and rockets from reaching AN bases, first tested by the United States during the course of 2023 along with the research of the USA's M6A2 Paladin Tank, they work well with Defensive Emplacements for defensive purposes against enemy forces.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Allied Nations are based off the United Nations and NATO forces from real life, the name is based off the Allies from Red Alert 2.
  • Inspired by the Allied Nations and the Soviet Union from the Red Alert series, several units will be based off real-life armour and planes, some are based off some of the lore.
Peacekeepers and Security Forces of the Allied Nations
Flag of AN
Ground Forces
Infantry PeacekeeperJavalin TrooperField MedicJustifier
Scout Vehicles M707 Humvee
Tanks Type-99MT DragoonType-M4Z Kanto
Anti-Aircraft FT49 Murcielago
Artillery Units M110 Goliath
Jets and Planes F-22 RaptorB-44B Aurora
Combat Helicopters AH-64 Apache
Transport Aircraft UH-86 Roamer VTOL
Prominent Characters
Military Personnel Garreth JohnsonFrank Winston
Detailed Information
History and Accociates Company of LibertyOrganisations Against TerrorismHistory of the Allied NationsLeague of Nations

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