Eurasia Placeholder
An airpad with a Kangaroo VTOL preparing to lift off
Faction Eurasian Commonweath
Cost $1000
Build at N/A
Requires Construction Droid

Supply Control

Alternative solutions to maintanence for aircraft, Airpads are equipped with supplies like with airfields used by major factions across the world, but using less space launches VTOL aircraft for duty.

Airpads were also buildings where old aircraft such as the Eurocopter Tiger and WS-61 Commando used to be deployed from here, since the introduction of the Boxer and Kangaroo VTOLs into service replacing these classic helicopters, they were in placed in reserves and deployed for homeland security but refitted with better equipment.

Small but Good

All-thou it is smaller than a conventional airfield, Airpads are usually unseen due to being underground facilities which have a hatch on top allowing the aircraft to lift off after they have been built, a set if control towers to allow the operators at the Airpad to communicate to all aircraft in flight.

Watch towers allow soldiers and workers to keep an eye out for enemy units approaching, easily hidden on the battlefield blending in with various types of scenery, Airpads can easily evade enemy forces if it isn't spotted by enemy radar or scouts.

Units Produced

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Atlas Cargo Plane Spanish Cargo Planes utilised for cargo and bombing operations. The A400M is the only propeller aircraft used by the Commonwealth since their introduction into the Network in the Middle of the year 2031 for dropping off important supplies and bombs on enemy targets since they are heavy transporters like the American C-130 Hercules and Company Pelican.
Eurasian Boxer VTOL Icon Boxer Battle VTOL The standard attack gunship used by the commonwealth. Boxer battle VTOL is armed with a set of lasers and a machine gun which can be used to chop up enemy vehicles, tear up enemy aircraft and slice infantry without a problem when ordered to attack.
Eurasian Kangaroo Icon Kangaroo Transport VTOL Specially designed transporter VTOL aircraft which can airlift infantry and ground vehicles into and out of battle when they are ready to come out of a fight for repairs or health check or go into war and fight in the name of freedom to ensure safety to Eurasia and the rest of the world, it comes with heavy armour.
Eurasia Placeholder Autumn Heavy VTOL Next generation battle aircraft with a set of Lasers, anti-tank rockets and anti-aircraft rockets. The Autumn VTOL is a powerful prototype battlefield aircraft vehicle which is one the best units the Commonwealth can utilise on the battlefield when at war with terrorist forces, the lasers unlike on the Boxer VTOL are upgraded to take on infantry and vehicles at the same time with rockets to assist with aircraft and vehicles.

Reservist Aircraft (Mission Exclusives)

Cameo Name Description
Eurasia Placeholder Tiger Attack Helicopter Attack Helicopters built in France with co-operation from West Germany during the 1980s, the Tiger it was utilised by the armies from Germany, France, Spain and in Australia. Equipped with a machine gun, automatic cannons and a pair of missiles for taking on ground airborne threats, it was a good European helicopter before the Boxer VTOL it.
Eurasia Placeholder Commando Transport Helicopter Supplied by Westland Helicopters, a licensed built helicopter of the USA's S-61 Sea King utilised by the Eurasian Commonwealth before the Kangaroo VTOL transport. This helicopter is unarmed but still in active reserves throughout Eurasia, along with the Tiger they do good in transporting infantry around the battlefield.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Airpad is inspired by the Helipad from the first two Command & Conquer Titles.
  • It will produce aircraft and it'll possibly hold one aircraft, but if not it'll have the similar capabilities as airfields producing helicopters.

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