Airborne Spec-Ops Commando
America Placeholder
Several Commandos after being dropped by a C-17 Globemaster III
Faction United States Task Forces
Cost N/A
Build at N/A
Requires Airborne Paratroopers Protocol
Detailed Information
America Placeholder Place of Origin United States Flag of USA Small
Trained Location Classified
Role Airborne Infantry

Advanced Anti-Infantry
Advanced Anti-Personnel

In Service Active
- M249 Light Machine Gun

- M67 Fragmentation Grenades
- Night Vision Goggles
- Radio Backpack
- Airstrike Flares

"Enemy Identified, its go time"
- Airborne Commando -

Elite operatives in the United States Task Forces, Airborne Commandos are deadly and experienced operatives equipped with light machine guns and a set of frag grenade for dealing with several threats, they are also capable of dealing with enemy aircraft but will mainly focus on ground threats.

But due to being elite soldiers for the USTF's forces and being veterans of the First Conflict in Eurasia, several operatives before being promoted to Airborne Commando ranks were known to be trained for heavy combat conditions and were first deployed in Russia, helping the Premier dealing with terrorist oppositions until the Russian Federation was separated into seperate factions.


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During their combat role during several conflicts, Airborne Commando regiments were first deployed in Eurasia and the Middle East during the First Conflict in Eurasia due to terrorist threats and the GLA, they saw action in part of Russia and regions in South America in seperate operations.

First Eurasian Conflict

See First Eurasian Conflict

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Second Eurasian Conflict

See Second Eurasian Conflict

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Kalini Crisis

See Kalini Crisis

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South American Civil War

See South American Civil War

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Combat Tactics

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Behind the Scenes

  • Airborne Commandos will be the main operatives that will be replacing standard Riot Ranger paradrop with a Airborne Paratroopers protocol.
  • Despite being airborne infantry, equipped with enhanced weapons and coming with better equipment and being deadly, they are not trainable at the Barracks.
  • They will also come with a spec-ops themed cargo plane when being deployed.

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